About Us


The ultimate name in the field of organic farming

AN ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED


Aims at promoting the concept of organic farming . The main philosophy of our company is to strictly restrict our activities to production and marketing of biological agro inputs only . We organize various programmes for farmers awareness on soil fertility management without impairing the health of the soil and providing complete prevention and control from pests and diseases without hazards like pesticides and chemical residue in fruits, vegetables and tea etc. are the objectives of S . S. Biotech .

It is needless to mention that we take extreme care to maintain quality of our products by regular cross checking of innoculant and verify to ensure minimum CFU(colony forming unit) . In our ‘Land to Lab’ program all our products have already been tested, demonstrated in farmers meet and only after concomitant results we commercialized them .

Our enterprise deals with bio-control agents , botanicals ,organic , vermicompost , bio-fertilizers , humic acid ,plant growth regulator , micronutrients etc .

OUR VISION:- To be a nationally recognized and preferred manufacturer and marketer of organic based fertilizers and empower farmers with the latest technology and offer them environment friendly quality fertilizer to increase their efficiency and productivity .

OUR MISSION:- To produce energy efficient and environment friendly fertilizers that ensures sustainable crop yeild and to educate farmers to maximize the application of eco-friendly fertilizers .