Product Name: Bio-AZOSPIRILLUM (Azospirillum spp.)
  Product Discription: It enhances quality and Productivity . Mainly use in paddy And sugarcane. APPLICATIONS: Seedling Dip for Paddy : Mix 500 gm inoculants in 20 ltr of water make slurry and dip rice root for 1 hr before transplanting. Seed Treatment: Add 250 gm of inoculants in 1ltr of water and mix with 5 kgs of seeds until seeds coated uniformly, leave the seeds well spread In shady place and sow within six hours.
Soil Application :Add 1 kg inoculants in 5 ltr of water and mix with 20-25 kgs Of soil and broadcast over 2 bigha area Products available in 1 kg pkt.