Product Name: BIOSULF (Micronized Sulphur)
  Product Discription: Biosulf is liquid sulphur that acts as an acaricide, fungicide and nutrition source.
Shelf life : Biosulf is stable for a period of 24 months From the date of manufacturing.
Benefits: 1) Biosulf is an effective acardicide and fungicide.
2) Biosulf effective supplements sulphur in a liquid form which is an essential dements for Nitrogen uptake.
Target Pest :
Mites: Red Spider Mites
Crops : Tea, Coffee, Oilcrops, Vegetables
Method of Application : Foliar Application : Mix 3-5 ml of Biosulf per 1 ltr of water and spray. Adding a sticking agent to the solution will aid in better adherence of the formulation to the crops.