Product Name: BIOCON (Pseudomonas Fluorescens)
  Product Discription: It is an effective & economic biocontrol agent for management of bacterial wilt diseases ant rot disease of crops like potato, tomato, chilli,brinjal,ginger, sugar cane etc.
1) It is economic , effective and eco friendly.
2) It is effective as a seed treatment.
3) It protects plants from primary and secondary root and stem disease e . g . root rot, stem rot and soft rot.
4) Provides long term root protection.
Products available in 1 kg packet (solid) and liquid 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1ltr.
Use:-All types of vegetables , nursery.
Application :-( Solid)
1) Seed Treatment :-Apply 1 gm Biocon in 10grms of seed
2) Root Treatment :-250grms Biocon in 1 ltr of water and apply the solution to the roots.
3) Soil Treatment :-250grms Biocon in 1 kg fully decomposed vermicompost and apply 25-30grm per planting.
For better result 2kg Biocon in 300 kg organic manure or vermicompost and keep the mixture for one week in wet condition . Use the mixture at the time of planting.
(Liquid):- 1 ltr in 200 ltr of water and 3-5 ml per ltr of water.