Product Name: BIO-RHIZOBIUM (Rhizobium spp.)
  Product Discription: Nitrogen fixing bacteria for all leguminous crops.
SUITABLE CROP : For all leguminous plants like Soyabean, Groundnut, Mung, Chick pea, all types of Beans, Methi, Alfalfa, lupin groups etc. APPLICATION: Mix the inoculants uniformly with the seeds gently with the minimum amount of water taking care to avoid damage to seed coat. Dry the inoculated seeds under shade and sow immediately.
For transplanted crops. Mix the inoculants in bucket of water stir the mixture vigorously. Dip the roots of seedings in this mixture before transplanting.
DOSAGES: Use 15 to 20 gm/kg of seed, 1 to 2 kg for soil application per acre Products available in 1 kg pkt.